Picnic in the wild

Do you feel like going to nature, somewhere with a fine spot for a picnic? What if someone had arranged everything for this experience...

Observe Broneeri

A Warm Welcome

There are many good reasons to come to Taju with your friends. May it be a blend of good food, nature and a reviving sauna experience.


Taju Event

Fascinated by the colors of nature and the salty sea breezes ...


A Warm Welcome

Relax. All year round

Give your loved ones a Warm Welcome. Taju’s cosy sauna house is always warm, regardless of the season.  The smoky- moist heat of Russian banya combined with the revitalising birch broom will wipe out any persistent cold sensations.

We will facilitate a relaxing and homey sauna experience with our soft bathrobes and sauna towels, including Nurme organic cosmetics for hair and body care.

Price: 280 EUR for up to eight guests

Send your booking request at


Delightful sauna experience

Before heating up, you can complement your sauna experience with a special sauna menu. The “maxi bar” of the sauna sitting room offers a varied selection of drinks.

Hence, we kindly ask you not to bring any personal food or drinks.


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