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Picnic in the wild

Do you feel like going to nature, somewhere with a fine spot for a picnic? What if someone had arranged everything for this experience...

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At Taju, time flies and sometimes our guests feel that they would like to stay overnight or two...

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A Warm Welcome

There are many good reasons to come to Taju with your friends. May it be a blend of good food, nature and a reviving sauna experience.

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Fascinated by the colors of nature and the salty sea breezes ...


Picnic in the wild

Take nothing but memories. Leave no trace behind. Sense it all!

At Taju, we have created an ultimate picnic experience. You can walk over many kilometres of tracks covering various heritage landscapes, including coastal and wooded meadows. 

Upon arrival, you will receive a comfortable backpack with everything you need for an idyllic picnic. We keep the bag’s content a secret to make the experience a pleasant surprise. You can leave information about possible dietary preferences and special requests in your booking. In addition to our kitchen delicacies, the bag contains a bottle of spring water, a hot drink, a map of the area to help you navigate and find your private picnic spot, and other accessories to make you feel comfortable in any weather. Other beverages from our drinks menu can be ordered on-site.

Picnic areas are located on private grounds in Jõelähtme parish. Therefore, we will send the location and phone number for the gate opening after receiving the booking confirmation.

Price: 50 €/ person


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