Picnic in the wild

Do you feel like going to nature, somewhere with a fine spot for a picnic? What if someone had arranged everything for this experience...

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Fascinated by the colors of nature and the salty sea breezes ...


The sense of it all. All year around.

An inspiring journey

We have traveled far and wide. Along the way, we have met inspiring people with inspiring stories, have enjoyed the thrills and excitement of exploration, and created plenty of pleasant memories along the way. But in the end, we have to admit that there is no place like home.

But what a joy it is to inspire others as well. By telling our story, we have created a unique environment here at Taju. A rousing travel destination in itself, designed for finding inspiration for whatever it’s needed: for writing your next novel, recharging for your tight schedule, or simply for embracing your inner child.

An infinite journey

The journey of world-class hospitality is an infinite one for it has no end goal. The goal is to grow constantly, to notice, adjust and adapt – or to put it simply, to be a little bit better every day.

This constant growth reflects in Taju’s landscapes as well, for nature is always in motion and transformation.

An unexpected journey

Taju is a place where everything seems unexpected. Switch your focus, and start to notice details — the majestic sight of a heron’s takeoff, the buzz of wild bees in a flowering meadow, the delicate scent of decaying black alder leaves, the touch of sun rays on your skin through the cool air

Invite your friends on a journey they won’t forget or return to a place so familiar, and yet the only thing you know for sure is that something unexpected is about to happen.

Our team

The journey of world-class hospitality does not end in a year, or 5, or 10. The goal is to grow constantly: to be a little bit better every day. We aim to create an environment where we can grow into better versions of ourselves, all together.

Our method lies in constant experimenting, where possible challenges and drawbacks are part of the process, promoting new heights. We invite you to join us on this infinite journey!

Ode to our heroes

Dear friends, good acquaintances, landscape architects, design thinkers, companies all over Estonia. Without you, Taju would not be what it is today and what it will become in the future.

Thank you, Merle Kares, Siim Talts, Raivo Vahar, Asse Elken, Margo Kähr, Ago Kahu, Jaak Tamm, Andreas Tiik, Jaak Tiik, Kristjan Tiik, Jaanika Sokmann, Marek Semjonov, Jaanus Saar, Karmen Kahu, Katre Kahu, Elo Vagur, Laur Sits, Lennart Loid, Ülle Kunnus, Argo Siim, Evelyn Hiielo, Robert Oetjen, Anželika Želnova, Ranno Paukson, Arnika Kajaste, Jaan Naaber, Henno Leissoo, Annabel Hiis, Kalev Taluste, Mihkel Must, Jekaterina Karpovits, Sander Kuldsaar, Jaan Parts, Gerli Tooming, Kaili Kena, Sandra Pille, Silva Kahu, Steven Palmsalu, Andres Avloi, Kaido Jaanus, Inna Andrus… and many more who have contributed.


Taju Hotel & Spa

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