HiiS Restaurant

An experiential dining event that takes you on a journey of flavours inspired by nature around you.


Picnic in the wild

Do you feel like going to nature, somewhere with a fine spot for a picnic? What if someone had arranged everything for this experience...

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Taju Event

Fascinated by the colors of nature and the salty sea breezes ...


HiiS Restaurant

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Just as “hiis” (a secret grove/holy site) is a nature sanctuary, the Hiis restaurant cherishes its surrounding natural environment.

The restaurant team values ​​sustainable cooking and the utmost appreciation of raw ingredients. Through this approach, we want to encourage our guests to make more informed decisions and keep an open mind about every ingredient that reaches the table, mainly by foraging.

Geete Talas enriches Hiis’ seasonal menu with gifts from forests.
Chef Daanius Aas awarded Michelin Young Chef 2023, combines pure natural flavours into a complete experience.
Sommelier Jaagup Jalakas have put together the beverage choices.

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