Taju spring sensations 14/4

On two nights, we celebrate the arrival of spring, gasping at the sensations drawn from the surrounding nature.

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Taju spring sensations 15/4

Celebrate the arrival of spring, gasping the sensations drawn from the surrounding nature.

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Picnic in the wild

Do you feel like going to nature, somewhere with a fine spot for a picnic? What if someone had arranged everything for this experience...

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Zome Yurt

At Taju, time flies and sometimes our guests feel that they would like to stay overnight or two...

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A Warm Welcome

There are many good reasons to come to Taju with your friends. May it be a blend of good food, nature and a reviving sauna experience.

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Taju Event

Fascinated by the colors of nature and the salty sea breezes ...


Zome Yurt

Bring balance. All year round

Zome Yurt is a modern version of the traditional yurt, created by the Estonian inventor and designer Jaanus Orgusaar. His work is inspired by the geometry of nature, in which he transfers and abstracts nature into design and architecture. Zome yurt consists of identical vermiforms bent in a bow, creating synergy from tension and bringing us an ethereal, spiritual space.

Taju Yurt is surrounded by diverse heritage landscapes that have evolved over the last three hundred years, offering a relaxing accommodation experience in the surrounding nature for up to four guests.

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Relaxing experience

Yurt guests also have exclusive access to the cosy sauna house. The sauna house has a spacious terrace and a hot tub.  The air conditioning creates a comfortable stay in any weather. Towels, bathrobes and Nurme hair-care products are included. The “maxi bar” of the sauna sitting room offers a varied selection of drinks.

Price: 280-340 EUR, includes accommodation for up to four people in Zome Yurt, light breakfast and use of sauna house until noon of the next day.


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